While we are going thru the Covid19 concerns, I want to encourage you to listen to some past sermons that deals with overcoming fears and the unknown. Scroll down the list of sermons to the following: 

  1. We have not passed this way before.
  2. Don't Hang Up Your Harps.
  3. Blessed Assurance.

Worry is to rehearse the problem without a solution. God's word has the solution and encouragement that we need.   Pastor John


What You Must Have to Acquire Wisdom    John Tarrer 3/1/2020

When Duty Calls, Don't Hang Up.  John Tarrer 2/2/2020


Forget Not All of His Benefits    John Tarrer  1/26/2020                       Psalm 103:1-12

The Road to Victory (Pointed Toward the Future)

John Tarrer    10/06/19