While we are going thru the Covid19 concerns, I want to encourage you to listen to some past sermons that deals with overcoming fears and the unknown. Scroll down the list of sermons to the following: 

  1. We have not passed this way before.
  2. Don't Hang Up Your Harps.
  3. Blessed Assurance.

You can also view  weekly sermons on Facebook.You clan click on the FB logo on the main website page and find the right FB page or go to John Tarrer's FB page.  They will be live at 10:45 am each Sunday Morning and will be recorded for later viewing.

Worry is to rehearse the problem without a solution. God's word has the solution and encouragement that we need.   Pastor John


What You Must Have to Acquire Wisdom    John Tarrer 3/1/2020

When Duty Calls, Don't Hang Up.  John Tarrer 2/2/2020


Forget Not All of His Benefits    John Tarrer  1/26/2020                       Psalm 103:1-12

The Road to Victory (Pointed Toward the Future)

John Tarrer    10/06/19